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We know you love Bettas and we agree, perfect for your dorm room, office, or in every room of your house, hard to beat the amazing colors, shapes, and varieties that these beautiful fish come in, we always have a great variety and stock both Males and Females.

We also always stock different shapes and sizes of Betta Bowls and small tanks, so you can find that perfect one that matches your style! Always make a fun and unique Gift too!


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Black Crowntail Betta


Black Crowntail Betta

Blue Betta

Green Red Browntail Betta

Red Betta

Bettas For Sale

Bettas are an excellent fish for beginner aquarists and pet owners with limited tank space. There is a betta for everyone, as these vibrant fish come in dozens of color and pattern varieties, as well as fin styles. Even though bettas can survive in a bowl, their optimal environment should have a filter to preserve water purity and a heater to maintain a pleasant temperature. Your betta will feel totally at home in a habitat with décor to hide or sleep in and live or artificial plants.

Male bettas have a reputation for being aggressive and should never be kept together; nevertheless, they can be housed with other community fish in a bigger tank. Ideal tankmates are peaceful and not prone to fin-nipping, and there should be nothing large or colorful that a betta would mistake for another betta and fight. Males and females should not be housed together, although females can be kept in communal tanks or sororities if the tank is large enough and there are sufficient of hiding spots.