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Welcome To Our Tropical Fish Store

Under The Sea Aquatics
Sonoma County’s #1 Fish Store

5708 Commerce Blvd, Rohnert Park,
CA 94928, United States

+1 707 536 9254

Monday to Sunday: 10am – 6pm

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Customer testimonials

This place is awesome! Great prices and selections. The staff are always willing to answer my millions of questions. Cant wait to see them grow! Amazing saltwater fish and corals that you cant find around here!

Copper Awesome

Great fish store. Set up well, awesome fresh and salt water inventory at great pricing. Ceasars no more for me. Much better than we have had in the past. I recommend them to everyone. Check them out if you are a fish lover!

Sean Allen

Great place and a great staff. They give you quality fish without the high mark up in pricing. Bought my Piraíba Catfish from them and couldn’t be happier. Rarely see them for sale, or for $275+, but they had one $89.99!

B.O.B's Black Bass Beasts

This place is by far the best place in Sonoma County. You will not be disappointed with how you are treated and you will not be taken advantage of our up-sold. They are honest and fair. I highly recommend and I hope people go and do business here.

Dan Tuck

It’s nice to have a new tropical and salt water aquarium place to go. Good customer service and a nice selection. Prices are good and all the fish I got are still alive and doing well. They can also order anything for ya so that nice! I recommend!

Daniel Thurston

I visited here with my my Pops and the staff was very nice, the store was really sharp and organized well, and the options plentiful. I saw a great selection of fresh/saltwater fish, corals, and even some sharks! I will be back soon!

Corey Savio


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Freshwater Fish

Under the Sea Aquatics has a very large selection of all the freshwater fish that your looking such as great community fish like Barbs, Gourami, Molly’s, Goldfish, Loaches & Tetras.

We also keep several different species of plecos from the common to the Exotics & lots of cichlids, like Africans, Peacocks, Green & Red Terrors, Rams, Sevrums, discus and more + exclusively locally bred just for us Angelfish.

Our products

Saltwater Fish & Invertebrates

We have the largest selection of marine Aquarium fish in the North Bay, we work to bring in all the most popular fish that your after from Show Size Quality Angels, Triggers, Tusk and Tangs to small blennies and gobies & everything in between.

Our products

Corals & Anemones

We have a great selection of Corals and are always expanding our coral inventory; we keep stocked up on both beginner soft corals and LPS & SPS hard corals. (come look at our coral you’ll find all types of Plate, Brain, Torch, Hammers, Mushrooms, Scolymia, Zoas & Star Polyps & much more)

Our products

Aquariums & Stands

We carry all types of aquariums and fish tanks you can imagine, from your small goldfish bowl or mini aquarium, to the biggest aquarium of your dreams! We carry so many different tank sizes and both freshwater or saltwater from tiny 1 Gallon to XL 120,135, 150, 180 gallon sizes!

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Fish Food & Dry Goods

We carry all types of high-quality frozen food, from all the best brands, Hikari, Cobalt, San Francisco bay, Rods Food & more.

Our products

Fish Tank Service & Installation

We offer fish tank service, installation, and maintenance in Sonoma County. Do you have a fish tank that needs cleaning, setup, or maintenance? We can help! We offer one-time and regularly scheduled service options to insure your tank is always running optimally and your fish are in good health.

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